3 Gifts You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Valentine's Week

3 Gifts You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Valentine's Week

It is often overwhelming to find gifts for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. You may feel stuck, but do not forget everyone loves a gift that is thoughtful. So, check out these three products from our store that will make this Valentine's Week special for you and your loved ones. Keep reading to know more!

Gratitude Log and Letters

Everyone has a busy life today. In this hurry of achieving our goals, we forget to be grateful for everything we have. So, we curated a product that consists of a gratitude log and letters. Give your loved ones a 365-day undated gratitude log that reminds them to be grateful every day of the year. It comes with 12 gratitude letters that give them space to express everything they were grateful about in a month. This bundle of joy brings a ton of gratefulness and some elements that they will rejoice like:

  • 12 envelopes for their gratitude letters
  • Six gratitude prompt cards 
  • A bookmark 
  • One extra letter for them to write

The hard-bound journal features 388 black and white printed pages. It comes with a pouch where they can keep their gratitude envelopes safe. Express how grateful you are to have them in your life this Valentine's Week with this gift!

Mind And Body Fitness Planner

Amidst the hustle your loved ones do, this mind and body fitness planner curated by us is a way to ensure they remain healthy. It helps them track the amount of water they intake in a day. They can also record their sleeping, eating, and exercising habits. They can even track their screen time, mood for the day, and how much they meditated with this planner. This two-fold planner has 60 pages on each side. 

Each day reveals a new challenge your loved ones can try. They can create their own fitness regime and document when they unplugged for the day. One thing that makes this planner better is that it is compact and travel-friendly. Once your loved ones begin using it, there is no coming back. Make sure your loved ones develop a healthy lifestyle this Valentine's Week with this gift. 

Book of 365 Reminders

Life is full of ups and downs. Your loved ones may have their share of bad days too. On such days, this book of 365 reminders curated by us will fill their days with positivity. The book consists of 365 uplifting and positive quotes that can make their low days better instantly. It will be by their side during all the tough nights and chirpy mornings. 

This book has a white cover which has a calming effect in itself. It comes in handy and can become a daily dose of motivation over a coffee or before sleep. Gift your loved ones a chirpy morning after a tough night this Valentine’s Week, even when you are not around!


Let’s Wrap Here!

A gift is your way of expressing your love and gratitude towards your loved ones. The thought behind your gift matters and we understand that. We hope these products in our store will brighten this Valentine’s Week for you and your loved ones. Do not forget to check our store to get more details on our products!

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