4 Ways To Celebrate Women At Workplace This Women’s Day

4 Ways To Celebrate Women At Workplace This Women’s Day

Women’s Day is approaching. It is a day to recognise the contribution of women in our lives. While we talk about women's rights on this International Women's Day, it is also a day to appreciate women around us, whether at our home or workplace. 

The women make our houses a home, and those at work make it a diverse workplace. So, here are four ways to celebrate women at your workplace. If you want to know how you can do your bit, continue reading this blog!

Host A Feast For Women At Workplace

Women’s Day is a great day to bring all the women in your office together and celebrate them. Use this opportunity to arrange lunch for all of them. Socialise with them and decorate the lunch area with foods they would like. Plan some games to engage them. Appreciate them for everything they do and all the great things they bring to your workplace. After all, they make empathetic leaders and foster teamwork within the organisation. 

Surprise Them With Thank You Videos

Each one of us likes to feel special. So, this women’s day, do more than send a celebratory email. Expressing gratitude for women in the workplace can be an initiative you can begin this time.

Create personalised thank you videos from the team members to women team members. It will be a great engaging office activity and feels a little more intimate for all the women at the workplace. One of the ways things that prove your workplace accepts a positive transformation is how inclusive they make women in the team feel. 

Highlight Their Contributions At The Workplace

Women ace in every field today. They can be seen at every hierarchical level. Highlight the contributions of all the women at your workplace this women’s day. Create a wall of fame to appreciate the contributions of all the women in your organisation. It is a great initiative and also comes as an encouragement to all the women members of the team. Showcase their crucial contributions to your workplace and let them become an inspiration for the generation that follows. 

Organise Various Charity Drives

Why empower a few women? Empower women in your workplace and those who need it this women’s day. Organise charity drives that benefit women. Work with charities that raise awareness about crucial issues. Choose the charities that support women's education or health and empower women in different ways. Collect donations from your workplace to give away to those who need them. Organise fundraising events to support various causes that work towards empowering women in different ways in society. What is better than giving back to the women in society, right?

To Wrap Up

Celebrate women at workplace not only on Women’s Day but every day. Recognise their contributions to your organisation and honour them. Empower women in different ways every day, and express your gratitude to have them at your workplace. While 8th March is a day to celebrate womanhood, let us also begin acknowledging their contributions at the workplace in different ways. If you need more ideas to celebrate women around you, click here!

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