6 Ways Colour Therapy Can Help You Boost Your Mental Health

6 Ways Colour Therapy Can Help You Boost Your Mental Health

Did you know the colours you are surrounded by can impact your life? Practising colour therapy in daily life can be a simple yet transformative experience. It is about being mindful of the colours you surround yourself with and using them to improve your mental and emotional well-being. While its effectiveness varies from person to person, here are six ways to use it. Read the blog until the end and bookmark it if you like it!

Use Colours Mindfully

Consider the colours you use in your home and workspace. If you want a calming  effect, you can use calming colours like blues and greens. This way those areas will make you feel relaxed because of their connection to nature and the environment. You can go for energising colours like reds and oranges where you are the most creative at your home. Use colour therapy in the best possible way to make sure that your home is your haven and the creative space you want it to be.

Colour Bath In Nature

The nature around you can have various effects because itʼs full of therapeutic colours. When you regularly spend time outdoors and immerse yourself in the natural greens and the blues of the sky and water. It starts to have a calming and rejuvenating effect on you. You start feeling a lot more comfortable and colour therapy has a major role to play in it.

Minimise Blue Light Screens At Night

The same colour radiating from a different source can make a lot of difference too. Seeing blue from nature and the sky is soothing but seeing blue screens before sleep can impact your routine. So, itʼs best to reduce the exposure to blue light that screens emit before bedtime. It can improve your sleep quality and help you maintain your circadian rhythm. Taking a break from technology can help you unplug and reset before burnout happens.

Eat Joyfully With Colourful Foods

Colourful foods you eat can also boost your mood because colour therapy has a role to play there too. Eating a variety of such foods benefits your physical health and your mood. Each colour in fruits and vegetables carries different nutrients. But, did you know, they can also add a cheering visual element to your meals?

Surround Yourself With Colourful Art

Surround yourself with art and objects in colours that uplift you. It could be the paintings, cushions, or even plants you like and it has a lot to do with colour therapy. These items can serve as visual cues and evoke specific emotions.

Track Your Reactions To Colours

Maintain a journal to remember how every colour around you affects your mood. It can become your self-awareness guide and help you understand the impact every colour in your life brings. There may be a list of colours that make you feel at peace, confident, motivated, energetic, focused, or just make you feel more connected with everything else around you instantly.

The Final Words

You donʼt need to be a professional to use colour therapy at home. All you need to do is, start by being mindful of the colour scheme in your space. Use the colours that make you feel encouraged, calm, energetic, or happy. You can incorporate different colours through wall paint, furniture, decorations, or lighting. Engage in activities like colouring or painting with colours that lift your mood. If you feel you need a journal for tracking the colours you like, check out our collection!

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