A Comprehensive Guide To Founder's Well Being: Founder's Day Special

A Comprehensive Guide To Founder's Well Being: Founder's Day Special

Did you know 72% of 400 founders reported that entrepreneurship has impacted their mental health, as per Forbes? It shows being a startup founder has its own set of challenges. Long work days, lack of social life and fundraising add to these challenges. Agree it or not, these are likely to affect your well being. Nevertheless, you cannot let it become a setback for you.

If you are a founder, this comprehensive self care guide is all you need this Founder’s Day to take care of your well being. Ready to know what is in this guide? Let's go!

Choose Your Health Over Hustle

As a founder, it is easy to end up pushing your mental health and well being to one side because you have to tackle multiple problems on various fronts. But question yourself whether this hustle is worth your health. 

The pressure to be at the top of your game, personally and professionally, is immense. Here are a few ways that will remind you to choose your health over hustle this Founder’s Day:

  • Acknowledge your struggles. It is not the easiest, but crucial to keep you realistic
  • Look out for yourself instead of risking your sanity and pushing your boundaries too far

Do Not Let Your Fire Burn Out

You make have heard the phrase fake it til you make it often. It leads you to disguise your emotions, causing you to burn out. Burnout causes exhaustion and isolation. It leaves you overwhelmed, neglecting your needs, and lacking optimism and motivation.

As a founder who wants to be a role model, think about what's your team's take away if they see you burning out. So, here’s how you can reignite that fire in you this Founder’s Day:

  • Acknowledge being burnt out.
  • Pause to rejuvenate 
  • Know your boundaries
  • Talk about how you are feeling

Find Your Calm

It would not be surprising for you to skip lunch or overexert yourself by working throughout the night. But it impacts your decision-making significantly. Hence, one of the ways to find your calm in the chaos is by meditating. Meditation helps you stay focused during challenges, reduces stress, controls anxiety, increases self awareness, and promotes emotional health.

Make sure you take time to switch off. It enhances your decision-making skills and boosts innovation. Here are some techniques to help you find your calmness this Founder’s Day:

  • Try out traditional seated guided meditation
  • Use meditation apps like Headspace, Ten percent happier, and Balance app

Form Habits That Benefit Your Well Being

It's easy to have habits that leave you stressed and not do anything about it. While change is daunting, the risk is worth it if it benefits your well being. Hence, make sure you take your physical and mental well being into account before you decide on the habits you want to develop. 

Identify a habit you want to change and strategise its implementation. It is one of the easiest ways to form new habits. Find what suits your schedule and is best for you. Here are a few habits to start forming this Founder’s Day:

  • Prioritising your sleep
  • Meditating for 15 minutes every day
  • Taking a stroll 30 minutes daily
  • Substituting your phone time with reading a book at night

Share Your Passion

As a founder, your passion becomes your motivation. You continue doing what you like without realising everything you neglected all this while. Hence, take your first step today to build a team that shares your passion. It makes your work enjoyable because everyone is as invested as you are. 

One of the main advantages you get as a founder is your team is small. Adapt your company's culture to suit the personal skills and attributes of your employees. Have trust in their ability to join your journey. 

The Final Words

Being a founder has its own pros and cons, but amidst all of it, do not forget about taking care of yourself. This Founder’s Day, remember to prioritise your well being. If you are new to this self care journey, visit our store to check out the wellness product collection we have curated!
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