Can You Do A Digital Detox Without Unplugging Completely? Find Out Now!

Can You Do A Digital Detox Without Unplugging Completely? Find Out Now!

It’s hard to imagine a day when you may not have checked your email, browsed social media networking sites, or even shop online, right? It’s like being online is a part of daily life. This digitisation has started controlling our lives and can cause stress and anxiety

So, if you remain wrapped up in your phone due to digitisation, it’s time you do a digital detox. While digital detox does mean taking a break from using any digital devices, you can do it without unplugging completely. Keep reading further to know how!

6 Ways To Do A Digital Detox Without Unplugging Entirely

Cutting back on technology after using it extensively can be really hard. So here are six ways to manage your technology use and develop a personal digital detox regime that works for you.

Begin By Scheduling Time Away From Screens Everyday

Your work life is as driven by technology as much as shopping. So, if your work demands you to be on screen, it can be hard to avoid screens. It makes it even more crucial to prioritise your brakes. So, set up a time in your calendar, remind yourself to go for a walk or eat lunch away from your desk. You cannot schedule time away but enable Do Not Disturb to silence alerts, notifications, and calls. 

Limit Certain Apps You Use 

These days every device allows you to set limits with screen time and lets you schedule downtime. It only allows you to pick calls or use specific apps, and specified apps have a time limit. This useful feature as it keeps you from overusing your phone or any digital device.

Create No Phone Areas At Home

Sometimes just setting limits on specific apps doesn’t work. Instead, it is better to keep yourself from using the device completely. Create a no-phone area at home. You can also make your bedroom one of the no-phone areas. This way, you can keep screens from interfering with your sleep. If this keeps going, you will need to go to a different room or part of your home to use a device, and it will slowly reduce your habit of mindless scrolling.

Delete Unnecessary Apps From Your Phone

Try deleting the apps you do not use on your phone. When you don’t have too many distractions on your phone, the time you spend using your phone will reduce. It happens because you will not have anything that will catch your attention. Consider dividing your apps into important and not crucial ones. Finally, uninstall the apps you labelled unimportant and keep only the required apps. It will prevent apps on your phone from interrupting your daily life.

Set Internet Free Hours And Spaces At Home

If you find it hard to stay away from your phone, you can set internet free hours and spaces on your phone. Decide the number of hours you want to spend offline per week and stick to it. You can also decide on one place at home where you cannot use gadgets and the Internet. It can be your balcony or your bedroom.

Keep Your Social Media Feed Clean

One of the ways to limit your time digitally is to clean up your social media feeds. Unfollow accounts and pages that do not add value to your life. Not using social media all of a sudden can feel overwhelming. Instead, changing the way you consume content might be a good start.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Doing digital detox can be stressful and uncomfortable at times. You can feel anxious and bored without your gadgets. It can be a rewarding experience and help you be more present and mindful. It is more about taking charge of how you spend your time and what you need to give attention to. It can help you break some unhelpful habits and create new ones that add value to your life. For starters, here is a collection of products you can check out that’ll be a part of your digital detoxing journey!
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