DIY: Create your morning routine!

DIY: Create your morning routine!

You must’ve often found yourself snoozing your alarm and then rushing in the morning only to realize how fruitful it would’ve been had you woken up just a few minutes earlier! Easier said than done, waking up early is one thing that most of us struggle with at the beginning. Though, once you start rising with the sun - you shall know how magical and powerful that is. 

After months of compounding, consistency and cracking, we have ultimately achieved the knack of waking up early each morning. This course of getting here was filled with tactics - some that worked and some that didn’t and we’d love to share some of the most effective one’s with you. Hoping you too can join our early riser club, after implementing these!

  1. Wake up only 15 minutes earlier every day - Make gradual changes each day in shifting your sleeping schedule. If your body has a pattern of waking up everyday at 9am and you suddenly make an attempt to wake up at 5am - it is a surefire way to feel tired and give up. Make little changes and let these compound overtime.
  2. Watch what you drink and eat after noon - Cut your caffeine and other supplements that may steal your sleep, hence try to get rid of these from your diet or only limit them in the mornings for your sleep cycle to remain healthy.
  3. Recite your wake up time - Before going to bed, recite the waking up time to yourself and your mind and be rest assured - your subconscious will automatically wake you up at that hour! It’s magic and it’s true.
  4. Make your mornings simple - An overwhelming morning routine or a procrastinated job with a deadline can make you want to hide under your covers. Rather, have a morning routine that makes you look forward to rising early and starting your day with a positive spirit.

Having said that, creating an extremely simple morning routine is the key to stick to it & be consistent. So here’s our hack on creating your own morning routine.

Step 1) Make an intentional goal of what you want to achieve by doing this morning rituals. Eg- gain energy for the day, become fit, better thoughts & positivity etc

Step 2) You have to pick 3 activities that you can do every morning, one for your body, one for your soul & one for your mind. 

Morning rituals for body: Exercise, workouts, a glass of warm water etc
Morning rituals for soul: Meditation, deep breathing etc
Morning rituals for mind: Positive affirmations, gratitude journaling, digital detox etc

This is a super easy way to form a routine that inspires you to wake up and really shine! Every morning is an opportunity for a better tomorrow and this hack is a holistic way to look after your body, mind and soul and make the most of that moment.

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