How to build consistent habits?

How to build consistent habits?

Whilst we all want to build better and healthier habits, the one major concern that brings our moral down is: Consistency. Being consistent is like a commitment to yourself and others, and that calls for a lot of self discipline, control and focus.

When you try to be a consistent human, you build confidence in your own being. When you consistently work on your goal, you attain the elements that generate confidence in yourself and your abilities. You not only build a level of self love, but others too admire you for your focus & disciplined life. Your consistency indirectly rubs off well on those around you. When you consistently work on your goals, the people around you are inspired to be consistent in working on their craft as well.

The universe and people around reward the ones who consistently show up. Being consistent is like opening your doors to opportunities. With opportunities, consistency also brings in momentum, accomplishments, focus and actualization of dreams!

But the main question here is: How to build consistent habits?

Here are a few tricks that can help you build consistency in the habits you’re trying to take on:

  1. Start Simple: When you try to change your life overnight, it most probably won’t happen. Start small and simple.It is easy to get over-motivated and take on too much. If you want to study two hours a day, first make the habit to go for thirty minutes and build on that.
  2. Accept imperfection: Don’t expect all your attempts to change habits to be successful immediately. It took us four independent tries before we started regularly posting on our business social media. Now we love it. Try your best, but expect a few bumps along the way.
  3. Stick to a schedule: In order to be consistent, you need to know what you have to do every day. Therefore, you should create a schedule for yourself. You can use a physical planner to make a note of this (cause when the pen hits the paper, the magical actions are set in motion). Writing down and planning your schedules will allow you to focus on the things you need to make time for, and the ones you can pass. You can use our Daily Journal to make a list of your scheduled chores and balance your work and personal to-dos.
  4. Get a buddy: Find someone who will go along with you and keep you motivated if you feel like quitting.
  5. A mindset shift: If you want to change your habits, you need to change your thoughts. Even though you want to see results immediately, it is going to take some time.It can be difficult to uproot your entire life with a bunch of new practices at the same time. Therefore, you should give yourself time to figure out what works best for you. Be realistic, be persistent. It all begins with the mindset you’re heading with.
  6. Track your progress: Habit tracking is measuring whether or not you did a particular action. In its simplest form, you can just mark off on a calendar whether you did something, so that you can visually see your ongoing commitment and progress.

It’s a way to hold ourselves accountable and keeps us focused on our goals. Habit tracking allows us to see whether we are making progress or standing in place. And when we eventually put a tick mark, it even acts as a reward for showing up. 

At the Humanhood store, we have a few tools that work on the principle of habit tracking and enforce building consistency.

You can head to check our Morning and Night Routine Tracker that has a simple, doable and aesthetic tracker spread to build your AM and PM regimes.

You can even check our Mind and Body Fitness Planner that has a dual side spread to check on your mind and body health rituals.

Hope this article helps you take the next step towards your consistent being!

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