Let's Debunk 3 Myths That Will Remind You To Stop Procrastination Now!

Let's Debunk 3 Myths That Will Remind You To Stop Procrastination Now!

It's easy to be put off by even the littlest things. Some may find it hard to begin a new project, and others can even find it hard to book a dental appointment. Either way, everyone has their way of putting off something overwhelming. 

But have there been days when you have realised that maybe not hearing that voice in your head would have been a better idea? If this is your story, let us debunk three myths about procrastination that you must avoid. You can use them as reminders to stop procrastination. Continue reading to find out what these myths are!

3 Myths That Will Remind You To Stop Procrastination!

There are several myths and lies about procrastination we use, to avoid working on something that needs to be done. A procrastination myth is what you tell yourself to put off the crucial task that is at your hand. When in reality, it is just an excuse you make to avoid work that requires your concentration and effort. 

Here are three myths that will remind you to stop procrastination. Make sure you use them as your reality check to stay consistent at your work!

Myth#1: Procrastination Motivates Me As I Work Better Under Pressure

No one can work under pressure in reality. But it is a good excuse because it boosts our ego. Imagine if you had a task at hand and a lot of time to finish it. There’s a greater chance you would delay it because you could say to yourself that you did your best in less time. In other words, it boosts our ego again and makes us feel good about ourselves. 

If this myth is something you have been using too often, it's time to take a step back and change the way you see it. Remember that procrastination has more negative impacts than positive ones. Get back to that task and stop procrastination now!

Myth#2: Procrastination Is A Time Management Problem 

You may often come across people who say they work the most. But in reality, we have a lot more free time than we understand. We feel if we plan our day, everything would instantaneously get better. It's time to stop procrastination and not see this as a time management problem.

Procrastination is not a tangled time management problem you are trying to solve. In fact, for some people, organising and planning become another reason they end up procrastinating. 

We need to understand that we can get better with planning, but if we do not take the necessary actions to adhere to it, nothing in the world can help us. Hence, procrastination is more than just a bad time management problem! 

Myth#3: Procrastination Shows I Do Not Have Enough Discipline 

Every time you feel that you need to be tougher on yourself, it does not really help. It is crucial you build discipline by following proper rules and planning them out well. Being mean to yourself without knowing how you can improve is not helpful. While it is crucial to stop procrastination, take one step at a time towards it. You cannot stop procrastinating in a day!

Discipline can ease your struggle with procrastination but cannot help you overcome it entirely. At times our environment and habits win too. In such cases, discipline just lasts a few days. Hence, relying on discipline to overcome procrastination is not enough. 

Let’s Wrap Up Here!

Most of us may have used one of the above three myths to excuse ourselves from getting back to work on something that makes us feel overwhelmed. It can be due to us being afraid of being bad at the job or because the task seems too complex. We hope this blog is the reminder you needed today to stop procrastination. If you need some help with getting disciplined or planning your days better, do not forget to check out these products to track and organise your day better!

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