Planners Are In Action Like Never Before: Have You Got One Yet?

Planners Are In Action Like Never Before: Have You Got One Yet?

Life has become fast-paced for all of us. You may already know what you want to achieve a week, a month, or a year down the line, but do you always plan it all? It is easier said than done, right? 

So, we are here with two planners, a work-life balance daily planner and a goals and action planner that’ll make your life easier. Continue reading this blog to know more about these planners and their features!

About Work Life Balance Planner

This work life balance planner helps you plan your day in a way that is productive and balanced. It helps you strike the right work life balance you need. It encourages you to prioritise your personal life and the goals of work. It is in an extremely simple format. It helps you:

  • Plan every hour of your day
  • Decide what you want to prioritise on a specific day and why
  • Jot down the three main priorities of the day
  • Define the personal or work boundary for the day
  • Track your breaks and your mood

So, all in all, it’s a tracker that will encourage you to think about your day holistically and then come to a conclusion on what needs your attention. It will help you strike the work life balance you have been looking for all this while. Here are the features of this planner:

  • It is a notepad with top perforation, which means you begin a new day with a new page, new thoughts, new priorities and a new you!
  • It has 100 sheets. Three months of your work life balance is ensured!
  • It is 6 by 8 inches in dimension. It can sit on your side table, desk, or coffee table and be a part of your morning ritual too!

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About Goals And Action Planner 

This goals and action planner is a weekly planner that’ll help you set your weekly goals. It helps you set a goal for every week and pen down how you will achieve it too. Without actions, goals are only dreams. Hence we curated it such that goals and actions get equal emphasis. This goals and action planner helps you:

  • Define the top goal of the week and why
  • Jot down steps to achieve the goal 
  • List down the key motivators
  • Decide how you will reward yourself after you accomplish it
  • Think about which qualities or people's help you need to get to the goal
  • Rate yourself after you have achieved the goal

In a way, it helps you get to the answers of what, why, when and how in a simple way. This planner will help you focus on one goal at once and encourage you to achieve it because there is a reward waiting at the end. It will ensure you are focusing on the right things. Here are its features:

  • It is a notepad with top perforation. It means every week, there is something new to look forward to and some new reward waiting for you!
  • It has 100 sheets too. You can use this notepad for a long time without waking up worried one morning, not knowing what to look forward to.
  • It is 6 by 8 inches in dimension. It can sit on your side table or be placed on your workspace and become a part of your weekly routine. 

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The Bottom Line

It is possible that fast-paced life can make you feel consumed and distracted. We hope these planners will help you strike the right work life balance and get to your goals by taking the right actions. It's always about taking that step, so take it now and go order them for yourself. You can also click the link to check out more products from our store!

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