REAL, A Card Game To Build Bonds & Weave Meaningful Conversations

REAL, A Card Game To Build Bonds & Weave Meaningful Conversations

About REAL

Have you ever been in a situation where you are sitting with your friends, and you all end up spending time on gadgets? If your answer was yes, we get you. It is exactly why we thought to create a fun game that allows you to make meaningful conversations and build bonds. 

Introducing REAL, a conversations and connections game that will be your saviour in situations like this. You may be thinking, how does this game make it possible? Stay tuned to find out!

Today, we all live in a bubble that our gadgets have created around us. Can you imagine how powerful that bubble is if it still exists when we are around people? One of the reasons this bubble has a strong hold on our minds is the lack of meaningful conversations. 

We need to remember that we are social animals. When we do not get those meaningful conversations around us, we find them in our gadgets. So, we created REAL!

A first-of-a-kind card game that helps you build connections and conversations with people around you. The idea behind this game is to avoid superficial conversations, small talk, or letting you lose yourself in the world of virtual reality. 

Elements of REAL

This game comes in a well-packaged box. Each box constitutes the following elements:

  • How to Play pamphlet
  • This pamphlet has instructions on how you can play the game.

  • 25 past cards
  • These questions are about past incidents. You may end up spilling some secrets you never told anyone before.

  • 25 present cards
  • These questions are about the present that helps others know you better.

  • 25 future cards
  • These questions are about the future life that will reveal your ambitious side.

  • 25 wild cards
  • These are fun questions that will make you giggle with people around you. 

    These 100 questions can surely give you the laughs of a lifetime that you will cherish always. Isn't that a better trade than staring at your screen?

    How Can REAL Help You Make Meaningful Conversations?

    Before you know how REAL helps you make meaningful conversations, it is crucial to understand what makes any conversation meaningful. Any conversation is meaningful if it is a two way street. When it comes to deep conversations, there is more to it. Any deep and meaningful conversation always has a few things:

    • Open ended questions
    • Vulnerability
    • Empathy
    • Focus
    • Active listening
    • Recollection
    • Rationale

    Let us understand how REAL touches each of these points!

    The questions in REAL are open ended questions. One of the reasons behind adding them to this deck is they make you go beyond answering a yes or no. You will eventually tell the other players how you feel or think about that question. It shows you are ok being vulnerable and your authentic self in front of the rest of the players. 

    The questions in this game are deep conversation starters and give you some deep topics to talk about. It gives you space to share your past experiences and recollect fun memories. All of this while making sure all players are listening to you actively. Because who does not like a great story or a crazy adventure, right? 

    When it comes to deep conversation topics for friends, partners, or family, they originate from similar experiences. Those around you with similar experiences will encourage you and give you that safe space to talk. It also gives you a chance to offer your rationale that can help the other listeners.

    The Bottom Line

    This is how REAL helps you keep things real when everyone around you is in their virtual reality bubble. We hope this game will help you build better bonds with those around you and encourage you to make meaningful conversations you haven’t had in a while. If you want to order it for yourself, click the link to get more details about REAL.
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