The ‘WHY’ of our Year End Collection

The ‘WHY’ of our Year End Collection

With the new year around the corner, we wanted to bring to you all a set of tools that help you dream bigger and live better. 

Our brain was focused on the fact that we wanted to cover y’all right from being able to have a vision to actually manifesting it to reality - and this led us to do a range of products for this year end collection.

The fact that we wanted y’all to have bigger goals and the manifestation power for 2023, we settled with nothing but a vision board. We believe a vision board is the best year end ritual to have, where you start thinking about your new goals and dreams, collate images and quotes that depict these wishes and chart them out on a board. This board then serves as your daily reminder and direction to achieving them. 

The biggest concerns while getting yourself to make a vision board is finding the raw materials to make a rigid board and collecting images that relate to your goals. The entire process is a little time consuming which makes it hard for a lot of us to actually get ourselves to create it.  

We wanted to bring a holistic solution and make this process simpler, and hence curated a Vision Board Kit that consists of: 

  1. A pocket diary for you to pen down, brainstorm and doodle your goals for 2023 before charting them on a board. 
  2. A photobook which has an end to end manual on how to make a vision board, quality images across goal categories and generic quotes and symbols. 
  3. A rigid board to make the base of your vision board
  4. A pack of board pins for you to cut images from the photobook and pin them on the board. 


Achieving dreams and manifesting them to reality has a lot to do with actually taking steps everyday towards them - which then lead us to create our 2023 Dated Planner and Intentional Calendar. 

The 2023 Dated Planner has been curated in a way that begins by reflecting on your 2022 and setting goals for the new year to come.  

We also have a special section in the planner only dedicated towards making your own personal development routine. 

For every month we have a meticulously curated recommendations page that shares our favourite books, podcasts, and lifestyle rituals for y’all to make use of.  

We also have 12 self care brands on board  for  this   planner, one dedicated to each  month.   They are   brands with super  interesting self   care products   and have  come forward to   give each planner user   a  coupon code for it. 

This entire project was undertaken to give    y’all   a holistic self care experience  throughout the   entire new year. 

Coming to our daily spread, we have a  special   layout of daily to-do bifurcated for  work and   personal - just in order to have a  fine balance   between the two. It also has a  section to   mindfully   note down one extra  thing you’d   want to take up on the day that  gets you closer to your goal, and one take away one thing from your day that was weighing you down in the first place. 

This 2023 Dated Planner is created with a focus on self care, productivity, routine building, goal setting and getting closer to a balanced lifestyle. 

Moving onto the Intentional 2023 Calendar, we wanted to give your desk a daily essential that helps you get more organised. Hence, we created a bi-functional calendar that has monthly spreads with different intentions to live by. Attached to this is a notepad that you can use to pen down your weekly focus areas. 

This entire concept is aimed to create a one stop solution for you to focus on what really matters. 

Having said this, it is just human to have highs and lows in the process of getting where you wish to be. Growth has never been linear and coping with these milestones and downfalls is something we all need to adapt to. And on such days, a little pep talk or a tiny positive reminder can go a long way. This gave us the urge to create our Book of 365 Reminders

Its a shoulder to lean on, a warm hug on a cold day and words you find solace in. Flip a page each day, and read a reminder that you might just need to hear. 

You can now pre-order this entire collection on our website. Dispatches start 17th October onwards. 

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