What Is Self Esteem And How Important Is It For Your Self Worth?

What Is Self Esteem And How Important Is It For Your Self Worth?

Do you struggle to love yourself? Don’t worry. You are not alone!

But one thing that you need to think a bit more deeply about is there are times you may feel something is pulling you back. The truth is, you may not feel happy in your skin in those times. It is a sign to check on your self esteem. 

Hence, to get to the crux of it all, let us understand the meaning of self esteem. This blog will help you discover everything about it, its types and its importance!

What Is Self Esteem?

Your perception of your self worth is known as your self esteem. It is the opinions you hold for yourself and the satisfaction or dissatisfactions you have from yourself. Having healthy self esteem influences: 

  • Your motivation
  • your mental well being
  • your overall quality of life

The elements of your self esteem are:

  • Your identity
  • Your self confidence
  • Sense of belongingness
  • Feelings of security
  • Feeling of competence

But having too high or too low self esteem can be problematic. Factors that influence your self esteem are:

  • Your family environment
  • Your achievements
  • Your physical appearance
  • Your belief in self
  • Feedback from others
  • Your thought patterns

So, Why Is Self Esteem Important?

Here’s why self esteem is crucial for you:

  • It improves your decision-making process, emotional health, and overall well-being. 
  • It influences your motivation to try new things
  • It enhances your ability to maintain healthy relationships with others and yourself
  • It makes you understand your needs and give you the ability to express them
  • It ensures you see everything realistically
  • It makes you less vulnerable to anxiety

Now comes the exciting part that will help you understand how to categorise the type of self esteem you have!

Types of Self Esteem

There are three types of self esteem:

  • Healthy self esteem
  • Low self esteem
  • Excessive self esteem

Healthy Self Esteem

You have healthy self esteem if you:

  • Avoid dwelling on your past negative experiences
  • Believe you are not better or worse than anyone else
  • Understand and express your needs
  • Feel confident in your own skin
  • Have a positive outlook towards life
  • Find it easy to say no when you want to
  • Accept all your strengths and weaknesses
  • Set healthy boundaries in relationships 

When you have healthy self esteem, it motivates you to reach your goals because you navigate life with a view that you can accomplish things you set your mind to. 

Low Self Esteem

Your self esteem is low if you:

  • Believe others are better than you
  • Find it hard to express your needs
  • Focus on your weaknesses more
  • Frequently experience self doubt, fear, and worry
  • Have a negative outlook towards life 
  • Feel a lack of control and confidence in life 
  • Have an intense fear of failure
  • Struggle to accept positive feedback
  • Find it challenging to set healthy boundaries.
  • Put everyone else's needs before yours.

Low self esteem often leads to mental health disorders like anxiety and depressive disorders. It makes pursuing your goals and maintaining healthy relationships difficult. It impacts the quality of your life significantly.

Excessive Self Esteem

Excessive self esteem impacts the overall quality of your life too. You have excessive self esteem if you:

  • Remain preoccupied with being perfect
  • Focus on being right always 
  • Overestimate your skills

The Bottom Line

Anything in excess or insufficient is never good. It applies to your self esteem as well. Too little self esteem makes you fearful, and too much self esteem makes you focus on being perfect. But it is crucial to strike the right balance for self esteem. If you have a healthy self esteem, it will make you a better person and help you lead a quality life. We have curated some products like interrupt and replace workbook and affirmations flip-up, that will help build healthy self esteem. If you want to check out more products in our store, click here!

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