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10 Cool And Fun Bullet Journal Ideas That You Need To Try!

A bullet journal is your companion and is one of the most creative endeavours you can begin. It helps you keep a log of your present and save it for the future. If you are running out of bullet journal ideas, here are ten ideas you can try. But if you are beginning, this blog is a good starting point to get your creative juices flowing. Let’s go!

Gauge Your Year In Pixels

It is an ultimate mood tracker that will increase your self awareness. Make 12 columns to represent each month of the year and 30 or 31 rows to represent each day of those months. It looks like a grid or a small square pixel. You can pick the number of moods and which moods you want to track. You can colour a pixel every day to track your mood. Try not to complicate this process a lot.

Track Your Sleep Patterns

If you do not get sound sleep, you probably know the importance of sleep. It is one of the bullet journal ideas that can help you track how much you slept and enables you to notice your sleep patterns. 

Make A Birthday Tracker

This birthday tracker is all you need if you are in a pickle often because you forget birthdays. Hence, this is one of the bullet journal ideas you cannot miss out on. Draw 12 balloons and adjust their size to fit more birthdays. PS: Do not forget to add your birthday!

You can use the same idea to create an important date tracker where you mention all the important dates you need to remember. 

Create A Meal Planner

If you tend to panic about your meals, a little meal planning can go a long way. Create a chart and map out your menu for every day. Use Post-It notes to add these details and create a section of your shopping list. Next time you head to the store, you can purchase the grocery you need. It makes you efficient and cuts costs down.

Remind Yourself About Everything That Makes You Smile

Everyone needs happiness in their life. Sometimes it can be hard to remember what brings you joy. It is one of the most fun and cute-looking bullet journal ideas. You can create a page with pictures of things that make you smile. If you are not an artist, consider writing about them.

Use Circle Trackers

A circle tracker is worth trying and equally gorgeous. It helps you break your entire day into chunks of time you can manage. It gives you a view of what is happening and when. But it does not stop there. You can use circles to track your week, month, or mood.

Set Goals And Stick To Them

Do not wait until New Year to use this as one of your bullet journal ideas. You can set your yearly or monthly goals and create a graphic page to get motivation at-a-glance. If you do not like drawing, you can write what you want to accomplish in the weeks or months ahead.

Put Together A Progress Chart

Visualise your progress with a progress chart, as it keeps you motivated. You can create something to colour in for each milestone you achieve. You can replicate it for everything, whether it is a book you read or the money you earn. This chart will help you track your progress for everything!

Try A Chore Chart

Create a chore chart for yourself, and you will see how motivating it is. It is one of the bullet journal ideas that help you keep track of all your daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal chores. Even if you delegate a task to anyone in your family, you can monitor whether they finished it.

Give TV And Movie Tracker A Try

You will fall for this idea if you are a movie buff or like binge-watching TV shows. It can be tough to track the movies or series you have seen. Use this idea to create a viewing schedule and ensure you do not watch a movie or a TV show you already saw!

To Wrap Up!

These bullet journal ideas are endlessly customisable. All that matters is how it makes you feel and how effective it is. You can try these ideas, and if you want to try manifestation, do not forget to check manifestation journal ideas. Also, check out the journals from our collections if you are beginning your journaling journey!
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