3 manifestation techniques that have helped our thoughts become things!

3 manifestation techniques that have helped our thoughts become things!

With a firm believer of the law of attraction, we mindfully put to use manifestation techniques to turn our dreams into reality. 

Before we get there, let's just understand what manifestation exactly means. It is essentially the process of transformation, the process of becoming what you seek and mindfully calling in the life you desire. 

Manifestation has a lot to do with the mindset you live with. The moment you have a thought, consciously or subconsciously, you start to become it. You are your thoughts, and what you focus on is what will come to you. 

You genuinely have to believe in what you desire, and your ability to get it - and take actions towards it, and the law of attraction will surely work in your favor. Speaking of making the law of attraction work, it all begins with you having power over your thoughts and mindset. Hence, we mindfully practice certain techniques that help us remain focused, have a growth mindset and manifest our desires and conquer our dreams. 

  • Vision Boarding 

A vision board is essentially a collage of images, quotes, symbols, mantras of all the things you wish to achieve and be. This board is a constant reminder of the direction you want to head towards, a cue to visualize your dream life and a guidance to your focus areas. 

We take up our vision boarding at the end of every year to set goals for the next year, and put them up on a board. This activity gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past year plus get a kickstart to the new year. In our experience, a vision boarding activity is an absolutely beautiful way of getting to know yourself better and calling into a life of your wants. 

To amplify this practice to thousands others and get them into the flow of manifestation, we created a Vision Board Kit. It's a box of elements that helps you build your vision board with utmost ease! 

  • Positive affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that you tell yourself to rewire your mind into a positive state. Negative thoughts tend to block our thinking patterns and mindset, and a constant repetition of such short positive statements help us stay in a growth mindset. 

Your affirmations can differ as per your goals, for eg - if you are wishing to bag your dream job, your affirmation can look like, “I deserve and have the capacity to achieve my dream job”

Affirmations are our source of inspiration and motivation and we wanted to have it in front of our eyes, all the time. Hence, we created the most thoughtful desk essential - Affirmation Flip Up. All it takes is one page flip a day and you get your dose of positivity. 

  • Take action 

Whilst visualising and thinking of your dreams is half the work done, we feel taking real action is the game changer. This isn't a technique to follow but a step you surely do not want to miss. No matter how much you journal, affirm or imagine - without aligned actions nothing is building. 

It's about beginning to think like the version of yourself you want to be, feeling like that version, and behaving like that version. "So it's about really starting to behave according to the new image instead of the old patterns and programs. 

Hence, we always tend to write a tiny action plan towards a macro goal and take one step towards it every single day. These tiny steps lead to the bigger outcomes!

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