3 Products That'll Be Your Stress Busters This Stress Awareness Month

3 Products That'll Be Your Stress Busters This Stress Awareness Month

Now that you know about stress, the myths around it, and ways to cope with stress, it is time to get some tools that will help you bust your stress effectively. You can find many options to bust your stress, and finding the right one can feel overwhelming. So, we curated these three products that will be your stress busters. Keep reading to find out about these products!

Brain Dump Journal

Not being able to organise your thoughts at times can feel very stressful. It is possible that doing something may not be as stressful as much as thinking about it is. So, we curated a product to help you untangle your thoughts and ideas one at a time. It gives you the space to record all your thoughts meticulously, lifts the stress, and pushes you to take the next step. No matter how stressful or overwhelming the thought is, this journal will rescue you from it. The brain dump journal helps you pen down your ideas, analyse them properly, and become one of the stress busters you need when your thoughts feel overwhelming. This journal is

  • Softbound and easy to carry wherever you like
  • 60 pages long that keeps you covered for two months straight
  • 5 x 7 inches long and fits in your bag or bookshelf without occupying much space

The journal will help you find the source from where this thought or the idea arose and how you want to bring this idea to life. If you need to organise your thoughts or your job demands planning, it can leave you stressed. Begin using this brain dump journal as one of the stress busters, and you will know you need it.  

Book of 365 Reminders

Stress at work or in your personal life is not in your hand. It can drain you in a way you do not understand and make you feel you are in a conquest. Stress can get the better of you or control you easily. You need something to help you get past this, and this book of 365 reminders will have you covered. This book consists of 365 happy and positive quotes that can make you feel better on stressful days instantly. You will have a different quote to read every day, and it will possibly make your stressful days better. 

This book is white which has a calming effect, and has a size of a small diary. It can sit on your desk or your travel buddy and be your daily dose of motivation any time of the day. This makes it one of the must-have stress busters!

Self Awareness Journal

One of the reasons for being stressed is not being aware of what is really stressing you out or how you feel. Hence, we curated this journal to help you understand yourself better. The journal consists of 120 questions that you need to answer. It will eventually make you realise who you are and help you self-reflect. This is one of the stress busters in our store that will make you realise that the quest to find yourself can be easy too. This journal is

  • Undated and can be filled as per your convenience 
  • Hardbound and makes sure it remains durable
  • 124 pages long 
  • A5 size and sit comfortably in your bag or on your side table

Each time you open a journal to answer a question, you will discover something new about yourself. This makes it one of the stress busters worth trying. Once you begin writing this journal, you will learn everything from what makes you proud or your fears. It will reduce your stress levels significantly as you will know the triggers for your stress.  

Let’s Wrap Here!

Stress is a leading issue in hampering the mental health of many people. So, it is time you use tools like these as your stress busters. You can always opt for this stress-less set from our store. We hope these products from our store will reduce your stress significantly!


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