4 Ideas To Celebrate Women On International Women’s Day

4 Ideas To Celebrate Women On International Women’s Day

The time of the year when the world celebrates womanhood is just a week away. While the 8th March is International Women’s Day, it is high time we make the conversation more than just a woman’s contribution to our lives. 

It is time to acknowledge women’s contribution to our lives not only on 8th March but every day. So, here are four ideas to celebrate women around you and make them feel special. If you want to know more about such ideas for women, keep reading further!

Idea#1: Remind Them To Pamper Themselves

International Women’s Day is all about women’s rights to equality. But it is a day women should celebrate themselves too. Book some pampering sessions or remind them to do their favourite skincare regimes. Ask them to make time for self care sessions with their friends or surprise them with one. It is never too late for them to take some time caring for themselves. It will just make their day better!

Idea#2: Give Them Their “Me Time”

Free them from some of the responsibilities for the day, so they get some time to themselves. Spare them some time for a walk or book them a table at their favourite restaurant. Make them a coffee and let them enjoy their favourite book or movie. Go that extra mile to plan their day and keep it packed with their favourite activities. Let them utilise this International Women’s Day to do things they like without worrying about anything else. 

Idea#3: Make Them Breakfast In Bed

Everyone loves feeling special. So, why not make the women in your life feel special this International Women’s Day? Wake up before they rise and cook them their favourite breakfast. There are days when they do not find enough time to sit and eat peacefully. The food we eat has an energy that can impact our state of mind. Breakfast in bed will let them eat distraction-free and is a great way to ensure this. So, help them begin their day with positive thoughts and their favourite food.

Tip#4: Let Them Catch Up With The Life They Missed

A woman ensures she does not miss important events in her family’s life. She is a part of their every achievement but leaves her life behind. So, this International Women’s Day, remind her to catch up with her school and college friends. She may have lost touch with her friends or may be willing to meet her friends for a long time. Now would be a great time to meet those friends. Plan a trip for her and her friends, where she can be herself and have fun. Let her hang out with her favourite people. It will be better than any self care idea and give her some time off from everything that feels overwhelming. 

To Wrap Up

Make sure that women in your life spend time with themselves no matter which idea you choose to celebrate International Women’s Day. Remind them how amazing they are with these ideas and your gestures. While the world celebrates womanhood on this day, do your bit by acknowledging her contribution to your life every day. If you want to gift them something, do not forget to check out this box of self care in our store!

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