5 Easy Ways That Will Help You Stop Procrastinating In No Time!

5 Easy Ways That Will Help You Stop Procrastinating In No Time!

Are you working on something important and have a deadline to meet? You know you should be working but don’t feel like doing anything. Now you look at your watch and feel you should have started sooner. If that sounds like your life’s story on most days, you are not alone in this. 

Procrastination does impact all our lives and has a fair share of downsides to it too. So, if you want to know about easy ways to stop procrastinating, this blog has the answer you have been looking for!

How To Stop Procrastinating?

Just like every other habit, it is possible to overcome procrastination too. But you need to understand that procrastination often takes some interesting forms like: 

  • Netflixing 
  • Napping
  • Online shopping
  • Cleaning

So, if you know you procrastinate a lot, these five ways will help you stop procrastinating. Make sure you follow them every day and stay consistent at it!

Set Achievable Goals

Set smaller goals as the thought of completing one task can feel overwhelming. It is not possible to complete the task in a single sitting which makes you procrastinate. So, the way out of this situation is to split one humongous task into smaller steps. It does not make the task seem so overwhelming and achievable.

List the smaller steps and tackle each one at a time. It will gradually lead you to complete the task and give you no space for procrastinating.

Organise All Tasks In Your Day

After you set your goals, you must organise all your tasks. Have a detailed timeline for all of them and mark their deadlines too. Decide when you want to complete those smaller goals so that you can achieve the main goal on time. It will keep you motivated and make you feel accomplished after you reach your final goal. 

Set daily, monthly, and weekly goals. Practising this makes sure there is an urgency to act, and there is not much room for procrastinating. You can use our priority pad to organise all the tasks in your day.

Focus On Easier Tasks

Another way to stop procrastinating is by focusing first on the easier tasks on the list. Identify the easy ones from the list of goals you created. It will help you gain momentum and build confidence to achieve the main aim on time. 

It will not let you procrastinate and ensure you give yourself enough time to focus because you are tackling one small task at a time. You do not get distracted or feel overwhelmed at any point in time as you are focused. 

Keep All The Distractions Away

There may be days when the environment where you work or study does not help with your procrastination. Distractions can derail your progress too. So, the phone kept next to you or the TV running in the background can distract you. They add to your stress levels and make you procrastinate more. 

Make sure these distractions are away, and your productivity will improve substantially. This improvement in productivity will also keep you away from procrastinating. 

Be Kind To Yourself 

There may be days when you cannot meet your deadlines due to procrastination. Truth be told, you can punish yourself pretty easily. But attacking yourself does not really make you more productive. It makes you more anxious and furious, that’s all. 

So, being mindful in such situations will help you develop forgiveness and self-compassion. Being kind to yourself will reduce procrastination and the negative impacts of procrastinating.

To Sum Up

In the end, all of it boils down to you taking action. You can strategise, plan or hypothesise but nothing will happen until you take that first step. No one can procrastinate their way into success, so if there is still something you are procrastinating about, it is time to get yourself to do it. If you need something to help you plan your goals better, check out the goals and actions planner we curated!

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