5 Journaling Tips That’ll Help You In Healing And Growing!

5 Journaling Tips That’ll Help You In Healing And Growing!

Journaling has a ton of benefits and all of us are aware of it. But, there’s another side to journaling that’s not talked as much about and that’s healing. Writing or maintaining a journal helps you self-reflect and heal yourself. No matter the sort of grief you are in, it can help you feel better as you continue it. Here are five journaling tips that’ll help you heal and grow as a person. Make sure you read this blog till the end and bookmark it to come back to it later!

Write About Where You’re In Life Presently

One of the first things you need to do in the process of healing. Accept everything that has happened in the past and currently the way it comes to you. So, start by describing your situation, work and relationship. Think about it deeply if they’re really where you want them to be. It helps you self-reflect and really get to the root of what may be troubling you. 

Avoid Editing While Writing

Many times you may have a lot of thoughts that keep piling up if not let out. So, try to write without editing your thoughts or feelings as it helps you in healing yourself. For once, don’t think about correcting your grammar or censoring your thoughts. Try doing it continuously for five to ten minutes. It builds a stream of consciousness that allows you to express yourself freely and this way you don’t hold back anything. 

Maintain A Log of Successes

Writing about your success, no matter how big or small it is, can be helpful. Start with what are the successes you had in a week and let it become your habit. As you continue writing it, you will see your list will grow and inspire you to do better. 


Also, let’s be honest, we all have bad days and on such days, it feels difficult to look at anything good at all. Whether it is personally or professionally, it is easy to succumb to those thoughts. Maintaining a log of success can be helpful and healing on such days too. 

Jot Down Everything That’s Disturbing You In Third Person

Most of the time, when you are disturbed about something, you may find it hard to find solutions. It can almost feel like life has suddenly hit a pause button and there’s no clarity on what to do. On such days, you need something that allows you to detach from the situation and allows you to see the situation from outside. Journaling from a third person perspective will allow you to detach from the situation and provide you with a new perspective. When you write using this technique, you will learn a lot about yourself too.

Maintaining A List of Things You Appreciate

Consider keeping a list of things you appreciate in your journal or like a section in your journal. Maintaining a list like this allows you to look at your life and develop an attitude of gratitude. Every time you feel boggled down by the negative thoughts or they start getting you, this list will give you the boost of gratitude you need in your life. In a way, it’ll help you in healing yourself from any pain that can impact your happiness. 

The Bottom Line

You may know that your journal is very personal to you but it can also help you heal and grow as a person. If you are in the process of healing yourself or want to heal yourself with journaling, these five tips can come in handy. They can enhance the pace at which you heal. If you are trying journaling for the first time, do check out the journals in our collection!
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