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5 Manifestation Journal Ideas That You Can Use As A Beginner

A manifestation journal is one of the easiest and simple to follow manifestation techniques. It helps you maintain a positive attitude, gain clarity of the goal and sustain mental focus. It is your record of your manifestation journey and jogs your memory about how your views have changed during this process. 

It is your reminder and helps you stay on track. If you are new to trying a manifestation journal, here are five ideas you need to know. Continue reading this blog to find out about these five ideas.

Try Using Manifestation Journal Prompts

Manifestation journal prompts are powerful tools and one of the most preferred manifestation journal ideas for any beginner like you. They provide structure, guidance, and self reflection and help you manifest something you want successfully by:

  • Providing you with clear goals
  • Engaging yourself in self reflection
  • Shifting your mindset
  • Increasing your awareness
  • Urging you to take action
  • Helping you track your progress
  • Building your belief and confidence

Manifestation journal prompts engage you in positive self talk and help you stay focused and aligned to your desires. These interrogative statements will provoke your thought process. Here are some manifestation journal prompts you can use:

  • What is an ultimate goal or desire you want to manifest? 
  • Which limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that may hold you back from manifesting your desires? 
  • How different would your life be if you achieved the goals already? 
  • What are the past instances you successfully manifested? 

Give Positive Affirmations A Try

Positive affirmations are powerful positive statements that outline your goal. When you repeat them, it serves as a motivation for you to move towards the goal. The law of attraction taps the power of the mind and helps you realise your goals. Once your mind accepts this as the truth, it manifests naturally. Positive affirmations help you manifest by:

  • Shifting your mindset
  • Enhancing your belief
  • Amplifying your manifestation energy
  • Helping you overcome the resistance you feel
  • Increasing positivity and gratitude in your life

The affirmations beginning with “I am” are considered the most powerful. Here are a few of them that you can use as a part of manifestation journal ideas to get started:

  • I am open to receiving all the love, joy, and abundance that comes my way.
  • I am grateful for all I have and excited for all that is manifesting in my life.
  • I am aligning more and more with my desired manifestations every day and in every way. 

Make A Manifestation List

It is one of the manifestation journal ideas that enlists all your dreams and goals in life. You keep revising this list as you get more ideas about your goals. This list helps you overcome your inhibitions or if you have second thoughts about your ability to achieve it. It will fill you with positive energy and purpose in your journey. A manifestation list can help you manifest by:

  • Clarifying your desires
  • Help you visualise the outcomes
  • Reminding you of your intentions
  • Creating a sense of direction in you
  • Cultivating belief and confidence in you
  • Boosting your focus
  • Enhancing your gratitude towards life

Prepare A Gratitude List

Feeling grateful is a crucial aspect of manifestation. It is one of the proven manifestation journal ideas to overcome the setbacks and negativity you may encounter while manifesting. A gratitude list is all about what you already have in life and how you feel happy and satisfied about them. A gratitude list helps you manifest by:

  • Shifting your focus to that of an abundance mindset
  • Amplifying your positive emotions
  • Making you more receptive to attracting abundance
  • Boosting your manifestation energy
  • Cultivating mindfulness

Record Your Visualisations

Recording your visualisation is among the other manifestation journal ideas you can use. In this, you visualise your future where you have already realised your goal. Repeat these visualisation exercises, and it will convince your mind that you achieved the goal already. Then the manifestation will happen on its own. Use the details of the visualised scene to write entries in your journal. Remember to use the present tense for the entries like you have already achieved the goal. 

The Bottom Line

Keeping a manifestation journal can help improve your life by providing a focused and structured approach to your desires and goals. You can consistently reinforce and visualise your goals to increase motivation and commitment using these manifestation journal ideas. If you are unsure how to begin manifesting, check out the vision board kit from our collection!

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