5 Self Care Activities To Try With Your Mother, This Mother’s Day

5 Self Care Activities To Try With Your Mother, This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. While you may want to gift your mother
the best presents, it’s a great time to spend some time with her. Because let’s be
honest, she does forget about herself while caring for everyone else. So, here are
five self-care activities that you can do with your mother, that you both can
enjoy. Make sure you read this blog till the end to spend Mother’s Day with your
mother uniquely.

Plan An Outing For Your Mother
Mothers sometimes need a real human connection. In the hustle of managing the
lives of their families, they tend to make their home, their world. Truth be told it’s
not only them, everyone wants that real human connection. So, for starters, you
can take her for an outing or a drive on a Saturday afternoon. This would allow
them to free themselves up from the responsibilities of home and relax.

Make An Affirmation Board With Her
So maybe your mother doesn’t want to say the words out loud to herself. But, you
can also make a physical board, an affirmation board, a section on your fridge, or
a Pinterest board with her. Help her find a place at your home and collect the
words that encourage and inspire her. This way she can look at it every day,
especially when she feels like she has nothing else for herself.

Write A Ta Da List With Her
Everyone has heard of a to-do list. With a little tweak, it can make your mother’s
day better. You can write a “ta-da” list that you both can write at the end of the
day. As mothers don’t credit themselves enough, this list is a great way to credit
themselves. So, get your mom to mention everything she has done because it’ll
make her feel more accomplished. Feeling accomplished after a long day gives
the person a good sleep

Cook A Meal Your Mother Enjoys
Your mother cooks meals that you love. How often do you see her having a meal
throughout the week based on what she loves? It doesn’t happen a lot, right? This
is because it has become so second nature that she even forgets what she likes
and wants is important too. So make her a meal she’ll enjoy. She cooks for you
every day and you may not remember what she cooked for you yesterday, but
she’ll remember this meal you cooked all her life. It’ll allow her to step out of the
kitchen, watch a show of her choice and for once not worry about everything else.

Connect With Your Mother
Motherhood can be a lonely journey and it’s not spoken about enough. Your
mother may be dealing with it or may have dealt with it alone. So, for once, just
switch off your phone and connect with her. Just be there with her, put your
phone down and catch up with how she has been feeling. Talk to her about her
mental health and how she has been feeling. You’ll see that your mother will open
up about how she feels. It’ll give her a safe space to feel vulnerable and not feel
weak about it.

The Final Words
Everyone has their ways of showing they care for their mother. These self-care
activities are a great starting point if you are thinking about what you should do
this Mother’s Day. They’ll allow you to strengthen the bond you have with your
mother and let them feel relaxed. If you want to gift your mother something, do
not forget to check out our collection!

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