5 Things You Should Avoid Doing When You Journal!

5 Things You Should Avoid Doing When You Journal!

Journaling has now become a concept that’s more talked about. Everyone talks about types of journals, why should you journal, and tips for journaling, but let’s break this cycle today. Let’s talk about five things you should avoid doing when you journal. Read this blog to find out what you shouldn’t do while journaling and don’t forget to bookmark it. 

Setting Too High Expectations

When you start journaling, make sure you keep your expectations realistic. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you write a single line or five pages in your journal. What matters at the end of the day is, you try to make it your habit.

Make it a part of your daily life and more like a habit you cannot begin or end your day without. This way you won’t beat yourself up about it and will be able to squeeze your journaling into your day until it becomes your habit. Once it’s your habit, you can start refining it.

Not Trying A New Environment

Every environment you are in can get you in a different zone. It can hit different and make you feel a variety of emotions. Whether you sit in a cafe or near a beach, such places give you something different to write about and allow you to forget the daily grind.

Trying a new environment is also great if you feel uninspired. Changing the place where you usually journal can make a difference in how inspired you feel as well. Frankly speaking, there’s no right time or right place to journal. You can try journaling in the evening or while you watch TV. The only thing that matters is you find what is working for you.

Waiting To Overcome Writer’s Block 

Most people often just stop journaling when they feel a writer’s block. Truth be told, this way journaling becomes so much more complicated. So, the best way out is to, write about what you are grateful for, so that your thoughts flow. You can start with what’s in front of you and describe your emotions in detail.

Instead of filling up pages with everything you’re grateful for, focus on a few of them and really let yourself feel that emotion of gratitude for them.

Wallowing Or Self Blaming

Yes, your journal is a safe space to release all the pented up emotions in you or when you feel like ranting. But, it would not benefit you much if you wallow or self blame constantly. Journaling can be a fun hobby and a meaningful therapy. So, instead of self blaming, the better way is to brainstorm about solutions or jot down some things you’re grateful for. Avoid letting your journaling time turn into dark because it may not help you grow.

Writing For Other People’s Eyes 

You may find it hard to journal honestly if you don’t feel it isn’t absolutely private. When you write in fear that others will read your words, you may find it harder to express your emotions. And this way you may end up feeling like you need to prove a point or impress others. So, try journaling in a secure place and if you’re still worried use a digital journal.

The Bottom Line

No matter how much time you spend time on journaling, these are a few things you should remember. They can significantly change and impact your journaling experience without you even realising. If you are trying journaling for the first time, do check out the journals in our collection!
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