6 New Year Resolutions To Build A Happy And Healthy Life!

6 New Year Resolutions To Build A Happy And Healthy Life!

One of the most popular traditions of a New Year is setting up your New Year resolutions. Yet, year after year, people fail to keep up with those commitments. Very few people can complete their resolutions. So, here are six New Year resolutions to kick off your new year on the right note. Read the blog to pick the ones you would like to focus on in the upcoming year!

Make Time For Your Family

From the young kids to the adults, everyone in the family is busy due to some or other reasons. The same applies to your closest friends too. This busyness makes it difficult to prioritise spending time with loved ones, especially if you live far away or have a hectic schedule. So, this upcoming year, one of the must-have New Year resolutions on your list should be to make a conscious effort to carve out time for your family. It can be planning monthly family dinners or simply FaceTiming to check in, but make sure you do it.

Have A Healthy Sleep Routine

Poor night’s sleep can cause health issues. But do you know there’s so much more than just a reasonable bedtime that you can do? You can create a sleep routine to improve your sleep hygiene as a part of your night routine to get good sleep every night. While it may look different for everyone, it also depends on whether you need to work throughout the day or not. Remember, your brain relies on cues to regulate your internal circadian rhythm. So, consider this as one of your New Year resolutions as well and start taking charge of your sleep.

Be Mindful

Anxiety does not need an invitation. Truth be told, it can be easy to let the idea of the future or past experiences ruin your present. Practising mindfulness will help you be grateful for everything you have in the moment, where you are, and who you are right now. Staying committed to being mindful can help you become a version of yourself in the upcoming year. This makes it one of the must-add New Year resolutions for the upcoming year!

Learn A New Skill

Learning a new skill can also be one of the best New Year resolutions you can take this upcoming year. The best part is you need not leave your home to learn something new either. You can now ace a new skill to boost your memory skills and more. You can learn from instruction videos and can even enrol in online classes. This new skill can be anything like learning to write, sketching, painting or learning an instrument. 

Write to Yourself

It can be difficult to deal with your inner critic at times. This makes it very difficult to be kind towards yourself. This is where writing to yourself can help. It allows the shift in the perspective of your inner critic. It will enable you to jot down the kind words you'd say to a friend in the same situation while channelling compassion towards yourself.

Hydrate Yourself Properly

Most people forget to hydrate themselves daily but make sure you are not one of them. Hydrate yourself better if you had less sleep or had a disrupted sleep at night. It is likely to leave you dehydrated. So, make sure you make a New Year resolution to down some extra water on those days if you can.

The Final Words

If you are in the process of deciding on your New Year resolutions, make sure you go through the above list and pick the ones you like. Create a plan with specific steps to achieve your resolution. Make sure your resolutions align with your values and goals. If you want products that can help you build a happy and healthy life, do check out our collection of products!
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