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8 Types of Journals That You Can Use To Channelise Your Thoughts!

Do you journal often? Well, not everyone may have an answer yes to this question. Now, there are countless types of journals you can use. So, here’s a blog you can sift through to understand about eight types of journals and which one is for you!

Ready to know which type of journal is for you? Keep reading the blog to get your answer! 

Blank Notebook Journals

If you feel inspired to write, blank notebook journals are the types of journals you need. Here are the three benefits of having a blank notebook journal:

  • It is your blank canvas to write what you feel 
  • It fulfils all your journaling needs 
  • It gives you an unmatched creative freedom

A blank notebook journal is for you if:

  • You do not get a curated journal with the aesthetics of your choice
  • You do not like following a structure while journaling
  • You are a creative person who likes jotting down everything that inspires you

Gratitude Journals

These types of journals improve your attitude towards life. They help you become a happier person. If extensive journaling is not your thing and you like to adhere to a structure, you can find journals with prompts. It is also well-suited for children and adults who want to reflect on all the happy moments they had during each day. Here are the four benefits of a gratitude journal:

  • It improves your mental health
  • It helps you focus on everything positive in your life
  • It reduces your stress and anxiety and shifts your attention to the good things
  • It improves your relationships and makes you more empathetic

A gratitude journal is for you if:

  • You want to feel better, happier and have a positive attitude towards life
  • You want to keep a journal but do not have much time to write it extensively

Dream Journals

Dreams reflect your perception of the world, and documenting them can help you understand their logical consistency and emotional tone. The benefit of these types of journals is that they increase your dream retention capacity and help you analyse your dreams better.

A dream journal is for you if:

  • You are interested in analysing your dream
  • You want to do a self-analysis
  • You need to reflect on your dreams during a session with your therapist

Food Journals

Do you like trying out new and different recipes but find it hard to keep them in one place? Keep a food journal, and you can go beyond just collecting recipes. You can go creative with it. Here are the four benefits of these types of journals:

  • They are great tools to plan your meals well
  • They help you collect recipes and photos of great meals
  • They make grocery shopping easy
  • They give you a space to jot down the exact ingredients for a new dish you want to try

These types of journals are for you if:

  • You want to make conscious food choices
  • You want to plan and improve their nutrition;
  • You are a food enthusiast who enjoys collecting recipes and food memoirs

Travel Journals

Is travel your calling? Use a travel journal, and you can use it to recount and record all your experiences, everything you saw, ate and visited. You can use it to jot down the emotions you experienced while travelling to a destination. You can keep a packing list, numbers and addresses, and write the phrases or words you learned in other countries. Here are three benefits of a travel journal:

  • It is a fun and creative way of preserving your travel memories
  • It helps you reduce your packing anxiety
  • It reduces your dependency on your phone’s battery for the information you need

These types of journals are for everyone, whether you travel a lot or not.

Reading Journals

Are you an avid reader or a book club member? If the answer is yes and yes, reading journals are all you need. It is an excellent way to analyse any book you read. It helps you jot down your thoughts about the chapters that resonated with you or keep quotes you’d like to remember. Here are the two benefits of a reading journal:

  • It gives you space to jot down all the quotes you find useful in one place
  • It helps you keep a log of all the books you read

A reading journal is for you if you are:

  • A reading enthusiast
  • A book-club member

Fitness Journals

If you like keeping yourself healthy, a food journal and a fitness journal are the two things you need. A fitness journal helps you track your fitness activities, the number of repetitions of an exercise and everything you need to measure your progress. Here are the two benefits of a fitness journal:

  • It helps you keep track of your progress by jotting down your accomplishments
  • It motivates you to show up every day for your fitness activities when you find it hard

A fitness journal is for you if you are:

  • A true fitness enthusiast
  • Having a hard time exercising consistently
  • Just beginning to work out and need some guidance and motivation
  • Having a clear fitness goal you want to achieve

Finance Journal

A finance journal is good if you want to keep track of your finances and create financial plans. Many people use apps for that too. A finance journal is for you if:

  • You have a hard time organising your money
  • You want to get firm control over your finances

The Bottom Line

There are different types of journals you can use. Although each type of journal serves a different purpose, journaling can be relieving and rewarding. We hope this blog helped you understand the journal you want to pick for yourself. If you are still confused, make sure you check out the collection we curated!

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