9 Productivity Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easy

9 Productivity Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easy

Do you struggle to stay focused while working, or do you feel incomplete after a long work day? But, know that you do not have to feel this. Here are nine productivity hacks that will make your life easy and leave you fulfilled after your work day! 

Prioritise Your Tasks

It is one of the productivity hacks that will help you overcome the resistance you feel when you pick tough tasks. But prioritisation isn’t always the most simple thing. So, if you want to prioritise, here’s what you need to do:

  • Enlist the tasks you need to do
  • Categorise the tasks as big, hard or easy.
  • Think of your day as a set of building blocks where all these tasks need to fit together.
  • Now pick the task that needs to be done first in the day.
  • Add the rest of the tasks over the day and the week.

It will make your life easy, and you will feel accomplished at the end of the day. 

Try Pomodoro Technique

It is one of the productivity techniques that can help you feel refreshed and focused. You set a timer, pick a project or task you want to complete, and then give yourself breaks to recharge. It helps you come back strong and is one of the ways to work in bursts.

Prepare Yourself Mentally 

Preparing yourself mentally for your day the night before is one of the best productivity hacks. It helps you understand the various waves of energy and effort you need to keep yourself productive throughout the day. Here are a few things that can help you prepare yourself mentally:

  • Check if you can shift a crucial call in the morning when you’re feeling a little fresh.
  • Think if you would like to see an old friend of yours.
  • Assess your full schedule the night before to manage and rearrange your day.

Use A Social Media Blocker If Necessary

One thing that often gets in the way of your productivity is your social media consumption. So, find apps that can help you control your social media consumption. Figure out when and why you should use it during the day. Find answers to the following questions:

  • Do you begin scrolling social media when you’ve hit the hard part of a task and lack motivation?
  • Do you use social media when you need a break or feel burned out?

It is crucial you understand your “why” as it will help you reorient to your productive mode.

Know Your Bandwidth Triggers

One of the things that may reduce your productivity is not knowing what your bandwidth triggers are. So, if you are part of finding the productivity hacks that work for you, recognise your personal bandwidth triggers. Observe yourself and your triggers a little more keenly and understand how you respond to them:

  • Do you rub your eyes?
  • Do you get distracted easily?
  • Do you start looking through your gallery? 

The best way is to watch out for what triggers these things and watch out for these responses more keenly. 

Create An Agenda For Break

Turn your break into something enjoyable. It gives you something to look forward to and does not let your day be monotonous. So, enlist everything you want to do during your break and squeeze it into your entire day’s schedule. It will help you accomplish your tasks efficiently and let you do things you enjoy during the break.

Give Eisenhower Matrix A Try

It is one of the productivity hacks that also works as an effective time management tool. It helps you make decisions based on how crucial or urgent a task is. You divide your tasks into the following four quadrants:

  • Important and urgent
  • Important and not urgent
  • Not important and urgent
  • Not important and not urgent

It helps you ensure you spend your time effectively. You can circle back to this matrix when you are at a crossroads while making a decision.

Do Not Hesitate To Say No

It is crucial you set boundaries as it impacts your productivity. You may want to help people, but it’s impossible to complete what’s on your plate if you constantly keep helping others. So, do not hesitate to say “no” if it’s a last-minute request, an impromptu phone call or an inconvenient plan. You will see it become one of the productivity hacks you didn’t know you needed. 

Find Your Natural Rhythm

It is not necessary that if someone around you is a morning person, you need to be one. It is possible you may not be one too. So, know your natural rhythm. Understand when you feel the most lively and energised and pick tasks as per your energy level throughout the day. Believe it or not, this is one of the productivity hacks that always works.

To Wrap Up!

You can use these nine productivity hacks that can change how you work and make you feel accomplished at the end of the day. So, try all these hacks and see what works best for you. It may take some time to figure out but trust that you will find a hack that will suit your needs and requirements. If you want to begin by getting your day sorted, do not forget to check out the goals and actions planner from our collection!
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