A to-do list that saved our day!

A to-do list that saved our day!

It is all rosy on the days when we end up ticking our entire to-do list but such a bummer when the day’s over and you’re not even halfway there! 

Ticking off tasks is a beautiful thing to happen, but it's so much easier said than done. There are days when we start with a to-do and end up writing a list longer than ever, then there also are manic days when we do not know which tasks to start with and where to draw a line to end the day.

We even come across days when we do the things that fancy us first and keep the focus tasks for later. In a sea of things to do, we often lose the more crucial tasks at hand because we see the list as a whole bunch of ‘things to be done now’. 

And it was days like these that left us hodgepodge and we needed a solution to make our routines smoother and efficient. 

Upon reading a few books and articles relating to productivity, we learned about the practice of prioritising tasks on your to-do list. When we ruthlessly prioritise our tasks as per urgency until you have just one thing to focus on, you can’t help but get to work. 

We’ve had days when a client asks for an urgent quotation, a teammate asks for a favour in the hallway, a sample needs to checked upon, a bill arrives in the mail, a customer has a complaint that needs to be addressed, an inventory rack seems to have broken down and needs a handyman, and the personal fridge needs a grocery refill and a friend’s birthday is approaching soon so a gift hunt is pending. Its times like these when sheer prioritising tasks can only be our ray of hope for getting through the day. 

Thus, we started a tiny habit of prioritising our tasks under three segments:

  • Tasks that need our attention first 
  • Tasks that can be given a look upon after the first segment is completed
  • Tasks that can be kept for the end 

Having done this simple process, we noticed a shift in our productivity patterns. We started focusing on one thing at a time, and understood what needs attention first, what can be kept for later, and what can be deleted for the day. After continuously applying this technique of categorising tasks, we saved and conquered our days and balanced our work life integration too! 

And this gave birth to our Priority Pad. We wanted to share this technique and practise with our community and make productivity simple for them too. 

Hence we created a notepad that has a bifurcation of three categories for your to-do list. 

This is the most affordable tool to achieve higher productivity levels and make more efficient to-do lists. 

You can now avail our Priority Pad on our website.

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