Don’t Do These 5 Things If You Want To Have Personal Growth!

Don’t Do These 5 Things If You Want To Have Personal Growth!

Personal growth is a continuous process and is a direct result of everything that you do. But at times, we end up doing things that we shouldn’t be doing. And they become the reason that your growth may seem a little stunted. If you are curious to discover what these things can be, read this blog until the end and don’t forget to bookmark it!

Always Agreeing if You Don’t

Yes, there are times, when you are under pressure to say “Yes”. And that can be because you are too kind to the person asking you the favour. Let’s be honest, it’s normal to feel the pressure in such situations. But, you do not need to give in every time especially if it’s making you uncomfortable. If you keep agreeing with things that don’t sit well with you, it will hamper the healthy boundaries you created eventually causing you trauma. All of this can have a major impact on your personal growth too.

Focusing On The Negatives

The ups and downs are a part and parcel of life. There are times when the bad times tend to stick around for longer than the good times. So, it’s obvious to feel disappointed every time that happens. But, remember negative things in life happen to bring balance in your life. But, you cannot just keep focusing on the negatives. You need to remember that they’re a part of your life just as much as positives are. Some days may be worse than other days and that’s ok. Try not to sit too long on your problems to make sure your personal growth isn’t hindered in the process. 

Overanalysing Your Thoughts

Self reflection, analysing and contemplating your actions are great tools for personal growth. However, doing too much of them can be bad too and can become an obstacle to your personal growth. Overdoing them can push you into the pit of negative thoughts and that’s not a rabbit hole you would want to get into. Overthinking or overanalysing too much may make you feel stuck on your flaws and won’t allow you to see the good in situations. Your thoughts have an important role to play in making you feel a certain way and overanalysing them is probably something that isn’t helpful.

Pretending To Be Someone You Are Not

Yes, personal growth does mean that you will find yourself thinking differently and accepting towards everyone and everything. But, do not mistake it for being like someone you are not. You don’t need to pretend to be someone you are not because it’ll cause you to lose yourself and hinder your growth. Do not forget to ask yourself the question now and then, “Are you really happy with how you are turning out to be?” Just asking this question can help you gauge if you are really happy with the version of yourself you are turning into!

Being Hard On Your Flaws

We are humans and it’s our flaws that make us human. But, if you find yourself putting a lot of pressure on yourself to get rid of them, it can be harmful to your personal growth. As you grow in all areas of your life, remember you must accept your flaws. Once you learn to accept them, you’ll see that you are not consistently attacking yourself about them and these flaws won’t hold you back from achieving what you want. Being hard on your flaws can cause you resentment and that’s not something you’d want, right?

The Bottom Line

Your personal growth has a lot to do with what you do, the steps you take, how you feel and so much more. Don’t just constrict it to what you see outside, weigh in on how you feel within too. It’ll ensure that you are not ignoring your instincts in this growth journey of yours. If you are just starting your growth journey, don’t forget to check out our collection!
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