Stress Less Because These Four Stress Myths You Heard Are Untrue!

Stress Less Because These Four Stress Myths You Heard Are Untrue!

Everyone experiences stress day in and day out today. Surprisingly, we fail to understand the effects and causes of that stress. 

In times like today, you can have too many abstract fears about your finances, work, and personal life, honestly speaking. The body’s natural reaction is to treat them as a threat. Hence, analysing the reason behind the stress and its effect becomes harder. It leads to misconceptions and myths we all believe. 

If you want to know about these myths and want to stress less about them in your life, we suggest you continue scrolling!

4 Myths About Stress That You Need To Know

Do you know if you want to stress less, you need to get smart about managing your stress? Yes, it is true. The stressors you have in your life vary from mild to extreme. Their intensity entirely depends on you. While you may know about acute and chronic stress, you also need to understand where your stress originates from. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is the stress originating from within yourself? 
  • Then the reason behind stress is intrinsic. 
  • Are you stressed due to a person?
  • Then the reason behind stress is extrinsic.

But there are many myths about how stress plays out in your body and mind. So, if you want to stress less, these four myths about stress are what you need. 

Myth#1: Stress Is Everywhere. Nothing Can Be Done About It!

Stress is everywhere around you, but it is just the partial truth. You also need to know that you can always do something about it. You are much more likely to feel stressed when there is a change in your routine. So, one of the ways to stress less and not feel overwhelmed is by planning your life better. You can set your priorities and work towards solving simple problems before any complex challenges. If you do not manage your stress, you can feel overwhelmed by it all the time. 

Myth#2: If There Are No Symptoms Of Stress, It's Not Stress!

It is possible that even if you do not have any symptoms, you may be experiencing stress. If you are using any medication to avoid them, there is a chance you can miss out on that signal too. Those signals show that your body is under physiological and psychological stress. Some common signs include:

    • Feeling anxious 
    • Short breath
  • Overwhelmed
  • Disorganised
  • Difficulty in concentrating

So, if you feel any of these signs, you must stress less. You should not wait for the symptoms in cases like this!

Myth#3: Most Popular Stress Reducing Techniques Are The Best!

The answer is no! Understand that you respond to stress differently, and it makes all the difference. Hence, not all popular stress reduction techniques will work for you. While they may relax you, it is not guaranteed anywhere they will ensure you stress less. Hence, consider the following things when you are looking out for techniques that reduce your stress:

  • What really drives you? 
  • What gives your life meaning? 
  • What matters to you?
  • What are your core values?

For example, helping someone may not be as relaxing as taking a spa, but it ties to your values and can help you overcome stress. 

Myth#4: Stress Is Bad For You Always!

It is not true. Stress is not an issue if you know and understand how to manage it. Understand that there are certain stress levels that make you alert. The length of time you experience stress is your signal to understand it. Acute stress can be good for you if procrastination is your nature. Long-term exposure to stress can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. The best way to stress less is to ensure you manage your stress properly.

To Sum Up!

These are the most common myths about stress that you can read or overhear people talking about. Read between the lines always to really ensure you stress less, and do not forget to check out our stress less set!

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