The miraculous power of little habits!

The miraculous power of little habits!


Habits are the new goals! If there’s a concrete way to manifest your goals - it starts by building habits.
Your life, your beliefs, your results: they’re all a sum of your habits. You are what you do repeatedly.
We may tend to over focus on our massive goals, defining moments and vision boards and hence, push back the real value of daily habits, decisions and actions.

Out of all the concrete ways to manifest goals, a sure shot technique is to pick a habit that will translate to your bigger vision. It all begins by starting small.
These minute actions lead to monumental results. What we repeatedly do forms the base of how we transform our life!

Its a widely known misconception that self improvement is a monumental task - you either go big or go home! Instead, we should start small, begin so tiny that adapting it on a daily basis comes easy to you! You make it so simple that it makes it difficult for you to hide, for you to have an excuse to not do it. Tiny habits naturally slide into your routines, and don’t require a bowl full of motivation.

And, once you master these tiny habits & changes - the narrative changes. The way you think of yourself changes. You change your identity in your own head. You think of yourself like - “Oh, I’m the kind of person who eats clean” and these tiny changes start channelising into the other parts of your life. And this leads to transformation!

So the key here is to start small, stick to the tiny habits that lead to the big differences.
Here are a few tiny habits you can take up for a better lifestyle:
Write down 3 things you’re grateful for
Every night, make a note of 3 things you’re grateful for and you will live a life of abundance. When you’re grateful for all you have, you attract more!

  1. Start your day with a glass of water and making your bed - When you do such tiny gestures for yourself in the morning, you feel confident to conquer the day.
  2. Talk to yourself in the mirror - Spend 2 minutes and affirm your dream life. When you put that out in the universe, you see real changes - in how you think, act & achieve.
  3. Make a note of your money - Keeping a tab on how you spend money, save and earn will go a long way! Understanding your spending patterns will help you make wiser decisions - all you’ve to do is record every expense every night.
  4. Take the stairs - If you don’t find the time and motivation for an extensive workout, just take the stairs or walk to work! A little exercise will keep your body happy.

These tiny habits naturally fit into your life, and don’t require excessive time or money. They don’t need you to overhaul your life and are so simple to do! They’re just tiny actions that reward you daily, and compound to massive results in the longer run.

Our Tiny Habits Big Differences bundle is set on this principle and created to help you pick small habits that can help you pick a better lifestyle!

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