These 5 Steps Will Help You Develop A Family Wellness Plan That Works!

These 5 Steps Will Help You Develop A Family Wellness Plan That Works!

Nowadays, everyone spends their time in front of screens, and it’s no secret. But, between jumping on Zoom calls and a lack of an active lifestyle, we tend to forget that being healthy takes effort. So, today, we’ll talk about five steps to develop a proper family wellness plan. Let’s go!

Step 1: Consider The Goals And Interests Of Your Family

Every family member is different, and each of them has different goals. So, sit down with your family and make a list for each person that includes:

  • Their age
  • Dietary restrictions (if any)
  • Health concerns

Talk to them and think about the routines formed in your household. Identify what they need to stay healthy and determine the best route to achieve individual goals. Account all these things in the family wellness plan you create. It will help you ensure this plan aligns with your family’s goals. 

Step 2: Set A Budget

Look at your family’s needs and routines. It’ll help you realise if they need more physical activity or dietary controls. Examine the money your family spends on food and activities. It will help you set a budget and will let you opt for an online wellness program membership or a healthy food subscription service. Take all your necessary expenses into account to see what is off balance or where you can set some limits in your family wellness plan.

Step 3: Create A Weekly Schedule 

Schedules and lists are necessary to make sure the family wellness plan you make is getting implemented. So, set a weekly family schedule for food shopping, cooking and doing activities together. Look for nutritious recipes or talk about the importance of regular exercise to inculcate healthier habits in your family. Here is a list of a few things you can remember while making your schedule:

  • Think of meal prep, breakfast, and lunch options for the week together.
  • Make sure all members set an hour of physical activity
  • Designate who cooks on which day
  • Fix a day for family activity time

Remember, you do not need to have the most perfect week. All you need is a good framework that your family can follow. 

Step 4: Decide The Rewards

It will be easier to keep everyone in the family on track when there is a specific long-term goal they have to work towards. Just make sure you are mindful of how you present it to everyone in the family. They deserve a break and rewards both. It could be anything they like and falls in the budget of your family’s wellness plan.

Step 5: Monitor Progress Of Your Family

While following the wellness plan is great, reflect on it every month. Sit down with your family every month to see how everyone is doing. Ask questions like:

  • How is everyone feeling? 
  • How is the sleep quality for everyone? 
  • What is the difference between the time your family didn’t have a wellness plan versus now?

Your family’s needs and goals can change over time as everyone in your family grows. So, try to be flexible, encourage everyone and be aware of where they are at with their health and wellness. It will help you make changes and stay on top of any issues. 

The Bottom Line

A family that plans their wellness together achieves their health and wellness goals together. A well-designed family wellness plan can help you and your family create healthy habits life-long, better mental and physical health overall. The time you spend designing the plan is well worth the effort. If you are beginning a wellness journey with your family, check our collection to find products your family will cherish!
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