5 Examples of Vision Boards That You Can Use To Manifest Your Dreams!

5 Examples of Vision Boards That You Can Use To Manifest Your Dreams!

Vision boards serve as visual representations of your aspirations. They act as a constant reminder of the life you want to create. We'll explore five examples of vision boards that will help you materialise your deepest aspirations. Each of these examples showcases a unique approach to manifestation. Ready to make a vision board that works for you? Let’s go!

Photo Vision Boards

One of the most popular examples of vision boards that most people use is a photo vision board. While a vision board has everything from images, texts, and colours to symbols, photos are the most used design element. There are no steadfast rules for what photos you use and how you arrange them. It is entirely up to you and depends on the look you are going for. Think a lot more about:

  • Do you want a busy vision board?
  • Do you prefer a minimalistic vision board?
  • What types of images or visuals resonate with your goals and aspirations?
  • Are you inclined to include personal photographs or magazine clippings on your vision board?

For example, if your goal is to spend more time with your friends or family, you can have a photo of yourself and them on your vision board. In short, your vision board can be as pictorially rich as you want!

Text Vision Boards

Not everyone prefers photos, graphics, or symbols for their vision boards. & that is fine! Instead, a text vision board is one of the other examples of vision boards you can give a try. You can create your vision board with words. But, just like your photos, you’ll need to be super choosy when deciding what to put on your board. Use words, adjectives, action verbs or phrases that describe:

  • You
  • Things you want to accomplish
  • How will you accomplish it?

Make sure all these words and phrases motivate you. You can also find your favourite literary quote or turn a typography into a work of art.

Collage Vision Boards

If you want your vision board to tell stories, you can opt for a collage vision board. Combine your photos, textures, graphics and text into a freeform or grid-based design. They can give your vision board a scrapbook vibe. Whether you use a flexible layout, a grid or a photo montage, pick the photos that represent the story behind your goals and dreams. 

If you think of your goals as pathways to dreams, there will be micro-ways for you to get ever closer to them. Let’s say your dream is to be an author. Think about what goals you must accomplish to fulfil this dream. Maybe collate all goals into a collage and visualise them on your board.


Situational Vision Boards

Procrastination is one thing we all do. But did you know the situation vision board is one of the examples of vision boards you can use to get over this procrastination? You may be procrastinating because you have multiple dreams. This board will help you maintain focus and boost your confidence.

As making a vision board is an exercise that you can do as many times as you want, you can create a vision board for any situation. Whether you're striving to ace an exam, overcome a challenging obstacle, or accomplish any short-term goal, this board is well-suited for it all!

Categorical Vision Boards

These vision boards are for you if you find it hard to think about design elements for your vision board. This style of vision board keeps you focused on categories like:

  • Health
  • Career
  • Wealth
  • Learning
  • Spirituality
  • Family

You can use these categories as an outline to decide which of your macro goals goes under which category. Every time you look at your vision board, you will always know where to look.

Let’s Wrap Here!

These five examples of vision boards will help you manifest your dreams. Whether you're aspiring to achieve personal, professional, or creative milestones, these vision boards will remind you what you aspire to achieve, keeping your ambitions at the forefront of your mind. If you want to begin creating your vision board, do not forget to check out our collection!
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