5 Goal Setting Tips To Remember To Make Sure Your Vision Board Works!

5 Goal Setting Tips To Remember To Make Sure Your Vision Board Works!

People swear by vision boards to manifest their dreams into reality. That said, not being acquainted with the right approach to employing a vision board might stop you from manifesting your dreams. So, we are here with five goal setting tips you should remember while you make your vision board. Make sure you bookmark this blog to come back to it later! 

Establish An Emotional Connect 

Manifestation boils down to reprogramming your subconscious mind ultimately. And your emotions have a role to play in it. Your emotions set your energy in motion. Emotions like joy, gratitude, and passion strike a chord deep in your subconscious and signal that you want to move towards something. Hence, make sure the visions you choose for your vision board should stir strong sentiments within you. 

If you do not feel that emotional connection or absolute joy looking at the images or words you put on your vision board, try changing them.

Be Clear About Your Vision

It is easy to rush into the process of making a vision board. However, goal setting becomes difficult when you are not clear about your overall vision first. So, here are a few questions that will help you get some clarity about your vision:

  • What do you wish and hope to accomplish in the long run?
  • What values or beliefs drive you forward?
  • What does your perfect day look like?

These questions will help you craft your vision and ensure it aligns with your true self. Remember to be specific when you define your goals. Open-ended statements like “I want to be successful” can be confusing and lack focus. Instead of this, think about what does success means to you. 

When you understand your vision clearly what you desire, you will be better equipped to create actionable plans and work towards your dreams.

Avoid Using Someone Else’s Vision

When you are in the process of making your vision board, you may feel tempted to use someone else’s goal. Doing so can lead you to a path that lacks motivation or connection with your desired outcome.

Remember that you have a unique journey. Hence, developing a plan that reflects your beliefs will help you manifest better. You can start by contemplating what is crucial in life for you and what truly motivates you as a part of your goal setting efforts.

Update Your Vision Board Regularly

Your vision board represents everything you hope to achieve in life. But if you do not update it regularly, those aspirations may become obsolete. So, take the time to revisit and revise your vision board periodically. It will help you reflect on your goal setting efforts while keeping sight of what matters most. You can keep track of changes in priorities by:

  • Adding images or words based on what matters most right now
  • Removing anything that doesn’t resonate anymore
  • Rearranging everything for maximum impact

Once you reach a goal, refresh your vision board with something new that speaks to your desires.

Focus on More Than Just Material Things

It is a common thing among people that they tend to hyper-focus on materialistic goals when planning their goals on a vision board. But make sure you do not do this as a part of goal setting. Don’t get carried away by this thinking because you need more than just “material things”. Consider your health, wellness and spiritual development as crucial areas to focus on. You can also include: 

  • Personal growth
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Spirituality

The Final Words

Achieving success through visualisation often requires more than just creating a traditional vision board. It is equally essential to take necessary action along with your goal setting efforts to make your dream come true. So, when you map out your vision for the future on a physical board, every image or word should have meaning beyond its aesthetic appeal. It should resonate with something deep inside yourself. If you want a vision board, do not forget to check out our collection!
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