7 Vision Board Ideas To Make Sure Your Vision Board Works For You

7 Vision Board Ideas To Make Sure Your Vision Board Works For You

One method that comes up in conversations when it comes to achieving goals or manifesting what you desire is a vision board. You can use it to show your end goal or where you yourself in the future.

While everyone may have a varying opinion on a vision board working, this blog will help you uncover seven vision board ideas that’ll make it work for you. So, make sure you keep reading to know all about these ideas!

Use Words That Echo With You

Words are a great starting point when it comes to trying vision board ideas. They impact you and help you feel good when used in the right context and aptly. They help you articulate and clarify your goals and aspirations by describing the feelings eventually evoking experiences you have had or wish to have. So, cut out words from magazines that describe how you want to be or what you want to feel and add to your vision board. Pick the big, bold and colourful letters.

Add Quotes That Speak To You

Quotes are one of the best sources to form your mindset and express your ideas and experiences effectively. Hence, this is one of the must-try vision board ideas. A good quote impacts positively on your mindset no matter its context. Hence, choose the quotes that match your state of mind or something you wish to experience. You can pick quotes of your role models, teachers, favourite authors, or even a part of a song if any of them speak to you and your future goals.

Do Not Forget To Add Self Affirmations

Self affirmations can help you cultivate a positive mindset. Hence, when you place them on a vision board, they serve as a constant source of positive self talk and can boost your self esteem. They can counteract all your negative and limiting beliefs.

They can also minimise your anxiety, stress, and defensiveness associated with threats to your sense of self. So, the best way to use them as vision board ideas is to write self affirmations starting with “I am” that go beyond what you think is possible in order to change the “cannot” to “can.”

Try Digital Vision Boards

Make a digital vision board for different areas of your life. With digital vision boards, you can create as many of them you want and access them on the go when you need. You can use online tools like Pinterest, Canva or tools like Paint to make a collage. Try using the Snipping Tool to cut and save pictures online. Once you make your vision board, you can then set it as your home screen on any device. 

Pin Pictures To Your Vision Board

Pictures provide clarity and specificity to your goals. They serve as powerful motivators. So, pin them to your corkboard or glue them to a poster board. You can use images of associated people who are successful, and images that evoke feelings you wish to experience. You can also use pictures that you see in your imagination. Try adding pictures that represent different actions you will take.

Incorporate Souvenirs On Your Vision Board

Souvenirs serve as a source of inspiration. They are a reminder of your strengths, uniqueness, achievements, and positive associations. If there are souvenirs of a specific vision, add them to the vision board. You can add anything from name tags, appreciation notes, trinkets, key chains, dry leaves to string lights. This is one of the vision board ideas that has endless possibilities!

Doodle To Express Yourself

When you’re coming up with vision board ideas, doodles can strengthen your desired states. There is no better way of owning your vision as you are representing your vision through imagery. You don’t have to be skilled to create doodles. Doodles can also help you express your creativity and foster a strong emotional connection to your vision board. You can doodle your life map or your future successful self. You can also try doodling your favourite quote or your affirmation.

Let’s Wrap Here!

Create an effective vision board using these seven vision board ideas. Go all in with your creativity using elements such as images, words, affirmations, souvenirs, and even doodles. This personalised approach can help you turn your vision into a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams and goals. So, make sure you check out the vision board in our collection!
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