Surprise Your Mother This Mother’s Day With These Three Gifts From Our Store!

Surprise Your Mother This Mother’s Day With These Three Gifts From Our Store!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Your mother gets happy just by your presence, but when it comes to gifting her something, it feels like a challenge. Doesn't it? A mother’s love and care are equivalent to none, so why not take this opportunity to make her feel special and cared for? 

Here are three products from our store that will make this Mother’s Day special for your mother. Keep reading this blog to find out about these products!

Self Awareness Journal

A woman wears many hats in her life. One such hat is that of a mother. But being a mother is not easy. It is a full-time job, and she takes this role happily. But amidst all of it, she may forget about herself and how to prioritise herself. It's time you remind her to prioritise herself and be more self aware!

We curated this journal that consists of 120 questions. It will help her see a different side of hers, one question at a time. It is an undated journal, so she can answer it anytime without feeling burdened to answer a question every day. It is an A5 size journal that can fit easily in her bag anywhere she goes. 

The hard-bound journal features 124 black-and-white printed pages. She can place it on a nightstand or anywhere in the room. It would not occupy a lot of space. So, this Mother’s Day, remind her not to forget about herself in the chaos and commitment that come as a mother!


Daily Journal

Mothers like to capture all the memories with their children, but there are things they cannot share with anyone else. Your mother is all ears to hear you, so it's time you give her something that reminds her that she is heard too. 

This daily journal will let your mother write her to-do list, how she wants to feel, how she would describe her day in a word, and tick things off a small self-care checklist. Being a mother can feel like being in constant chaos, and a daily journal like this will slow down her day, help her see the positives, and help her record everything she feels. 

The journal features 125 black-and-white printed pages. It will let her self-reflect and unplug after a long day. This journal is also travel friendly and accommodates easily in a bag or a nightstand. So, this Mother’s Day, give your mother a gift that reminds her to unplug and record the days or memories she wants to keep close to her heart!

Mind And Body Fitness Planner

A mother’s love and care are a treatment for every illness. She is the one who hustles the most to make sure everyone at your home is fit. It’s time you remind her to take care of herself too!

We curated this mind and body fitness planner to ensure your mother remains healthy. It’ll help her keep track of everything, from the amount of water she drinks in a day to her eating, sleeping, and exercising habits. The planner will even let her track her screen time and her mood. This is a two-fold planner that has 60 pages on each side. One side records all about her body & the other about her mind.

The bonus is every day reveals a new challenge your mom can try. It will let her create a fitness regime and unplug when it's difficult. This travel-friendly planner is compact. Once she begins planning her fitness, she will ensure it is always around her. So, this Mother’s Day, remind your mother that her health matters as much as anyone else in your family. 


Let’s Wrap Here!

There’s nothing better than gifting your mother something that shows you care. She is the one who will make sure you are self aware, remain fit, and stress less. It’s time you do that for her too, this Mother's Day. We hope these products will surprise your mother. Do not forget to check out other products in our store!

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